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A collection of unique guides by Sunshine for the DSL gaming community.

Sunshine's Mission Statement

I play a game to have fun.  I play a game for what it is; a game.  I enjoy harmony among my friends.  I do not play a game to deal with unnecessary drama; my life has enough drama and I come to a game to escape it.  To this end, I have no love for the actions of the hypocritical, combative, manipulative, cuntacious, bitter, jealous or the petty, nor those who would let a game pathetically absorb them as if it were real life, nor the abusers of the power with which they have been entrusted.

ATTENTION: I want your maps!!

Currently, there are no known online ascii maps for approximately 50% of DSL's newer areas.  I know that some of these are mapped, but not available online or they exist only as files on someone's computer.  If you have maps or guides, know of someone who does, or want to contribute to an ever growing compilation of DSL's knowledge base, email me at spicycajun at gmail dot com. A list of unmapped (or at least not known to be mapped) areas is here.

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