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A collection of unique guides by Sunshine for the DSL gaming community.


The Guides

  1. Who did all of this crap??

    Unless credit to someone else is specified, I did.  They exist for your gaming convenience.  You're welcome.

  2. Why?

    I started compiling different pieces of information into lists and charts for my own personal use.  Sending documents to people on Skype got to be retarded, especially if I later updated or added information.  Putting them on Google Docs to share with everyone just made sense.

  3. I have an idea but I don't want to take the time to host it and link it and blah blah blah ...

    Tell me your idea.  I may just be bored enough to do it.  I promise to give you due credit.  Also, we can even collaborate on a project!  Google Docs is awesome that way.

  4. I already made my own guide that would probably be useful to other people, how can I get my stuff out there?

    You can sign up for gmail and start hosting your own Google Docs. I'll be happy to link back to them on Sunshine's Guides giving you full credit.  If you don't want to do all of that, I can upload them into my Google Docs.  If you'd like, and as long as you have a gmail account, I can still make you a collaborator, that way you can easily update the information.  Whatev, I'm flexible!

  5. That Sunshine, she's pretty awesome. How do I get in touch with her?

    You can email me at spicycajun at gmail dot com.

    If you're inclined, you can add me to Skype - sunshineincharge. Make sure you specify in the personal message field who you are or I'll just think you're a hacker and not add you.

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ATTENTION: I want your maps!!

Currently, there are no known online ascii maps for approximately 50% of DSL's newer areas.  I know that some of these are mapped, but not available online or they exist only as files on someone's computer.  If you have maps or guides, know of someone who does, or want to contribute to an ever growing compilation of DSL's knowledge base, email me at spicycajun at gmail dot com. A list of unmapped (or at least not known to be mapped) areas is here.

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