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This is a calendar of in-game and real life events.  All times reflect the server time, which is set to US Central Standard time.  Contact Sunshine to add your event.  You can make comments as necessary, or become a member to add events here yourself!

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All Day Independence Day

ATTENTION: I want your maps!!

Currently, there are no known online ascii maps for approximately 50% of DSL's newer areas.  I know that some of these are mapped, but not available online or they exist only as files on someone's computer.  If you have maps or guides, know of someone who does, or want to contribute to an ever growing compilation of DSL's knowledge base, email me at spicycajun at gmail dot com. A list of unmapped (or at least not known to be mapped) areas is here.

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Monday Oct 30 - Tuesday Oct 31
Monday, Nov 27 All Day
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