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Glonnoil Fjord and Crystal Spire - Crystal Spire map not expanded.


Odurutt Iulzus uh Loltuau - [Lvl 15-30] Rough map, feel free to expand upon it with creaturelores and stuff.


Verminasia - Newly completed and up to date as of 4.15.2013. I will do the housing district (on its own tab) and may consider mapping the castle if there is a demand for it. 


Althainia - Map of the City and many adjacent areas for training.  Great for newbies.  Otherwise, it's the same old city we all know and love.



Algoron's Oceans, Continents, Waterways, Docks and Ports Ideal for sailing, dragon flying and swashbuckler dolphin riding. Original four continents mapped by Perr Shadowfin and Crojik Samsonite, Shokono added by Gradilus Sha'qelas Seolfor, modified by me.



Ferry Ship Paths - Originally included as a tab in my Map of Algoron, I decided to make it its own deal. 




Shalonesti City and Housing District - Up to date as of 11/20/09.  I started with this one as a guide then updated and expanded, literally, upon it.   Added: Tab with a map of the Vallenwood Village (Housing District)




Abaddon, Swampy Bog and Le Theatre Macabre - The guildmasters are all located along Depravity Lane and are not shown in detail for the purpose of making you go find out where they are.



GanthThe Arena, Temple and Keep are included as their own tabs. 


                             Guides, Charts and Lists

New! Note Writing Tutorial for Beginners - I know, it's hard to believe that a tutorial for this is even necessary.  I made this for Eamani when she was newish to DSL.

Crafting Spreadsheets
 - Ensure that you always turn a profit with these templates that calculate the price of your crafted items based on the cost of your materials. Save as your own editable google docs copy, or download into Excel or OpenOffice. Tailoring, Sharp Weapons, Blunt WeaponsArmorcrafting.

Nexus Holdem Guide
 - By Seir Vai'Kel.


DSL Locations - A document of oldschool directions written by Borz Khar'marlin ages and ages ago.

Merchant District Vendors
- Updated 7.19.2012.  A searchable table of the names of mobvendors in all Merchant Districts.

New Areas
- With the addition of so many new areas and the recent return of people who have been gone for months or even years (myself included), this is a compiled list of new(ish) areas.

Level 25 Gear
A list compiled for newly reclassed level 25 hitters and casters, including walking directions so that they can equip themselves.

Areas by Alignment
- Pretty self explanatory. A work in progress.


                           Great stuff done by other people

List of DSL's dragons - by Elaynah Montero

Map of Shalonesti Forests
- by Keinan Sha'falas Ferros

Silversand Garrison
- by Verenian MacNeil

Map of Arkane's Sewers - by Joat Tenneal

Map of Thaxanos - by Kraxul KegBreaker

Ephrylian Estate - by Kraxul KegBreaker

Asylum - by Sopha Kingwe

ATTENTION: I want your maps!!

Currently, there are no known online ascii maps for approximately 50% of DSL's newer areas.  I know that some of these are mapped, but not available online or they exist only as files on someone's computer.  If you have maps or guides, know of someone who does, or want to contribute to an ever growing compilation of DSL's knowledge base, email me at spicycajun at gmail dot com. A list of unmapped (or at least not known to be mapped) areas is here.

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